• "Months of pain resolved

    I have been dealing with severe lower back pain for several months when I went to Dr. Just. He assessed my problem and began to attack the issues immediately. With only a few chiropractic treatments my pain was considerably better and with a few more treatments the issue was resolved and the pain disappeared. In order to be proactive and prevent future occurrences, Dr. Just prescribed some daily exercises. I especially appreciate his practical approach to chiropractic care and treatment."
    Dr Jerry J.
  • "Lumbar Disk Extrusion Relief after years of pain

    For the past two years I have been suffering from a lower back disk extrusion. At the age of 17 I began suffering significant back and leg pain. Along with pain my left leg and foot would go numb. It was very painful throughout most of the day, especially in the mornings. My doctor had suggested physically therapy and that intensified the pain to the point where I could hardly walk some mornings. Surgery is out of the question, especially since I recently found out that it may not even fully solve the problem. I must admit I was skeptical about seeing a chiropractor but I am so glad I went to see Dr Just. He was able to explain exactly what was going on with my body and his explanations made complete sense given the type of pain I was having. Along with the disk extrusion my muscles were also extremely tight and aggravating the nerve even more. Along with working on my back he worked with the muscles."
    Erin B.
  • "Dr to Dr to Dr with no relief

    For the duration of 10 months I was suffering from pain in the left shoulder blade area and the very center of the chest. I visited my internist, a cardiologist, and a specialist in digestive disease on several occasions. Throughout the year I had every test that could possibly show them any reason for the pain. There was a time the same test was repeated to compare from three months prior because the pain was still evident. There was never anything positive that showed on any test they reviewed, however the only answer was “try this medication.” I had numerous prescriptions that I tried during those ten months. There was not one of them that brought any relief only more expense. I lost twenty three pounds during that time because the chest pain was too severe to eat. I visited Dr Just after seeing a very dear friend get relief from back problems."
    Nancy E
  • "Rib and Sternal pain for over 1 year is resolved

    I’ve had a problem with my ribcage since November ’05. I went to my primary care physician, who in turn diagnosed it as an inflammation and treated it accordingly. However, after 7 months, it just felt worse, and prescription medications weren’t really much help. My doctor then referred me to Dr Just. Having been skeptical in the past, I nevertheless followed her advice. What a difference! After the first visit, I felt noticeably better; after the second, I felt nearly normal. I haven’t taken any medication for my ribcage since my initial visit. Dr Just felt that he could resolve my problem in 5 visits or less. I believe him! And he has shown me exercises to help me in the future. In short, I have made the leap from skeptic to a believer. I recommend Dr Just to anyone"
    Jamie L.
  • "Running again

    I like to run, but lower leg problems limited my ability to run for about 3 years. I struggled with Achilles Tendonitis, poor flexibility in one leg and a foot that went numb after just a short run. Dr Just performed ART on the lower leg, and after just 4 visits the pain is gone, I am able to stretch that leg and I have been increasing the length of my runs. It is not too late to get help – even after 3 years of struggling with an injury."
    Ed M.
  • "Leg pain relief

    I was experiencing pain in my left leg and thought it might be from previous pain in my low back. I wanted to see a chiropractor, a friend recommended Just Chiropractic. Dr Just began a program of 3 visits a week and gave me exercises to do at home. In just two weeks the intensity and frequency of the pain has dramatically decreased."
    Matt T.

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